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Monday, January 30, 2012

One-Day Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training

Onsite Wastewater Options for Small Rural Communities in the Adirondacks
The View – Old Forge, New York


You are invited to join us at The View in Old Forge to discuss Onsite Wastewater Options for Small Rural Communities in the Adirondacks. This specialized training event is focused on discussing onsite wastewater treatment options to improve septic system performance and meet state and local regulatory requirements. The Adirondack area offers many challenging site conditions that require unique system designs using conventional and advanced technologies to protect drinking water resources.

Advances in onsite wastewater treatment technologies provide communities with options for challenging sites that will provide for better treatment and more protection of public health and the environment. Many communities are faced with site limitations that prevent the use of a conventional septic system or a community system that is old and needs to be upgraded. We will discuss some commercially available alternative onsite wastewater treatment technologies that can address the many shortfalls of conventional systems in challenging topographic areas.

The program includes in-depth morning presentations and an afternoon field-trip to visit installed systems. For the most up-to-date event and program information, go to the Adirondack Research Consortium's web page.

Continuing education credits are available for engineers, planners, zoning enforcement officers, and government officials. Conference fee is $100.


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Well, One thing that I have learned about my wastewater treatment training is that water is one of the difficult thing to deal with specially when out of control.