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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Forestry Panel to Present at Annual Conference on the Adirondacks

Pictured from left: Rob Davies, John Bartow, and Tom Martin.
A panel with Tom Martin, President and CEO of the American Forest Foundation; John Bartow, Executive Director of the Empire State Forest Products Association;  and, Rob Davies, Director of the Division of Lands and Forests and NYS Forester for the NYS DEC will discuss strategies and trends in private forest land management.  Issues to be included in the discussion are AFF's Report Hidden in Plain Sight and the Empire Forests Future Initiative.  

Monday, April 16, 2018

Volume 22 of AJES Is Now Available!

The Adirondack Research Consortium and Union College are pleased to announce that Volume 22 of the Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies is now available to order. 
Learn how you can order a copy today.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ecological Stewardship Presentation at Annual Conference on the Adirondacks

(L-R) Michael Klemens; Dave Gibson, Adirondack Wild; Michale Glennon, WCS;
Fred Monroe, AP Local Government Review Board; and, Bill Farber, Chair,
Hamilton County Board of Supervisors.
Michael Klemens, a conservation biologist, will discuss his research on how to design human development in the Adirondack Park to avoid forest/farm fragmentation and big ecological impacts at the 25th Annual Conference on the Adirondacks.  A panel will follow his presentation to discuss the legislative bill to mandate Conservation Subdivision Design at the APA and local grassroots efforts in the region to improve ecological site planning of development. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Area Leaders Discuss Social Issues in the Region

Pictured left to right, Bill McColgan, Cathy Dove, and Sylvia Getman.
A Social Issues Panel Presentation will be featured at the 25th Annual Conference on the Adirondacks.  Bill McColgan, President and CEO of Mountain Lake PBS, will talk about poverty in the region; Cathy Dove, President of Paul Smith’s College, will discuss trends in education; and Sylvia Getman, President and CEO of Adirondack Health, will discuss rural health care.   In addition to ongoing projects, the panelists will discuss the impacts of these issues on the Adirondack community and challenges they see for the future in the region.