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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New book on the "Great Experiment in Conservation"

The current and two former presidents of the Adirondack Research Consortium recently finished editing "The Great Experiment in Conservation: Voices from the Adirondacks". The new book, which resulted in part from collaborations through annual ARC conferences, was published by Syracuse University Press in July of 2009. Editors William Porter, Jon Erickson, and Ross Whaley pull together a who's who of Adirondack scientists, writers, advocates, and politically active citizens who write about the natural, cultural, and economic cornerstones of the Adirondack Park across 34 chapters.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Adam Hothschild writes:
I’d love to see this important book be required reading for every New York State legislator and opinion-maker. Alive with personal voices, it is also packed with vital
information and at times justifiably angry at what we human beings have done to the Adirondacks. It reminds us of what we've lost, of what we can still save, and of
what a rare treasure this extraordinary region is.
A recent review by Midwest Book Reviews describes the book as a:
... seminal work of impressive scholarship ... [and] a core addition to academic library Environmental Studies reference collections, and especially recommended for non-specialist general readers with an interest in American conversation history and land preservation in general, and the Adirondack Park in particular.
For more information, visit the 2009 spring catalog page of Syracuse University Press. You can also listen to Ross Whaley, co-editor and former Adirondack Park Agency chairman, talk about the "Great Experiment" in a September 17th, 2009 interview with Brian Mann of North Country Public Radio.