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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Research Notes: Economy and Ecology in the Adirondacks

In a 2008 publication in the Discussion Papers of Resources for the Future, the study "An Update on the Science of Acidification in the Adirondack Park," by Mische John et al, reviewed how the social and physical sciences were being brought together in Adirondack communities that had been affected by acid rain. Based on the previous work of Cook et al in 2002, which used its scientific findings to determine how readily Adirondack residents would put money toward ecological improvements that would be brought about by reduced acidification in the Park area. Mische John et al used this follow-up study to update the information already provided by Cook, and are hopeful that the updated science will be helpful in reevaluating the willingness of Adirondack communities to pay for ecosystem renewal in their areas.